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Convert those old Classical Lps Vinyl Records to playable Disc
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Sports & Wedding Videos To DVD
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1. Is copying music against the law?
Only if you sell it, not if it is for personal use.
2. What noises are removed?
Pops, scratches and hums. Skips require editing.
3. Do you accept all records?
No. Some are just not recordable.
4. Do you just copy the LP?
Yes, but, if you listen to a before and after, you'll
want at least some noise reduction.
5. Do you make copies of Records Disc
Only if you have permission from the copyright holder; or,
its seventy-five years old or older.
6. Do you accept credit cards?
We take checks, cashiers checks, money orders and Pay Pal.
7. How long does it take?
First come first served. I work an 8 hour day just
like everyone else.
One LP takes a whole day to record and edit.
We look at every one just as if they were our own.

Myself,  have spent a life time of Transferring, recording I've recorded 1000's of
records,tapes,videos.music bands and studying the recording techniques
college tech schools.Church tapes, radio talk shows, ect

Convert Those Old Vinyl Classical Records or Cassettes  To CD
Let Us Convert Those Home Movies To A DVD Disc
Put That Wedding Video On A DVD Disc
200 Plus Songs MP3 Format Transfer Disc
1300 Plus Songs MP3 Transfer DVD Disc
2000 Plus Songs Dual Layer DVD Disc
3000 Plus Songs Blu- Ray DVD Disc

Let Us Copy That Classical Record Collection To Disc
Cleaning Of Lps Noise Reduction
Labeling Of Disk And Song Titles
I'm Willing To Transfer  45s and Classical 78s cassettes ,
8 tracks convert to Disc
{transfer vhs video8 to dvd }please feel free to talk to me..
Church tapes, radio talk shows, ect.
Put those holiday records on Disc
Let us transfer your old
family videos to DVD Disc       How about a Happy Holidays Video
instead of a card?                         Copy those Sports Videos to DVD Disc

3x quantity minus one              Send 3 LPs pay 40.00 + shipping
6x quantity minus two              Send 6 LPs pay 80.00 + shipping
9x quantity minus three (ect)    Send 9 LPs pay 120.00 + shipping