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Before Noise Removal
                    The Needle Damage   

After Noise Removal
                       The Needle Cure


When we open the package we see if everything is there. We go over the order form included with your order looking at the condition of the material to be recorded. If it looks bad we'll let you know. We then decide how we're going to set it up... Every job is different, for instance say you send us a Perry Como 78 in mono we have to get out the ole stereo that plays mono and has a pitch control and plays either side of a Truncated elliptical stylii. After it's fitted to the grove we record the good sounding side. We adjust the pitch to the correct rpm and save the file we only play the record once! Now begins the thing we love most "editing" we look at every nic and cranny,"Only the best get to be Star Kissed" after hours if not days of restoring the original look of the file we play it adding a little EQ if it needs it. We try to get as much of the sound back that we can. Kinda of like rebuilding an ole Edison or Model T you try to get it back to original like it was. Some records have body rott too much damage you can add body filler but it's just not the same! It is what it is.We do everything humanly possible to resurrect the sound before we convert it to mp3.This includes name,authur,year,album number conductor ect. We make a copy of the album cover and create a playlist for the disc insert label we use a high quality music disc then we backup the project create a physical folder of your job lock it away safe and sound. If you loose the Disc we'll make you another {5.00 +shipping}. After everything is all pretty and packaged we priority mail the record and disc back.